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Natural Skin Care

Attaining healthy skin seems to involve an endless influence upon numerous skin care merchandise. What isn’t enclosed during this representation is the fact of being hooked into the skin care business and repeatedly buy skin care products on a weekly and monthly basis.

NaturalSkinCare_Ebook_MediumSkin care brands often espouse a unitary version of what it means to have “perfect skin”. But, to be honest, I haven’t seen anyone with “perfect skin” in all my years of working with people. What I can guarantee is that each person has their own unique skin, and that the existence of different skin types is actually a beautiful thing. If we all had “perfect skin” we would all look like parchment-smooth dolls.

Another thing that we have to bear in mind is that, no matter how much we spend on our skin, we can’t change what it really is. Sure, you can go to great lengths to remove the naturally produced sebum on your skin. But that won’t change the fact that genetically, your skin produces a lot of sebum in particular areas of the body.

The best way to care for your skin is to take into account what it is, and to keep it as clean and clear as possible through natural methods. Don’t try to change the nature of your skin, because that is simply not possible.

If you believe that you simply have already got what it takes to require care of your own skin, then you’ve come back to the proper place.  Here are a few good skilled tips about natural skin care which will bring out the natural radiance of your skin. Let’s start!

  1.  If you’re outdoors most of the time, it’s attainable that your skin is already tormented by photo-damage or sun injury. If you’re seeing lots of dark spots on your face, it’s positively time to safeguard your skin from any injury.  A good protection from this issue is by applying sunblock often.
    Sunscreen is maybe the foremost necessary development in medical specialty science this century.  As a result, it addresses the one reason behind premature skin aging: exposure to the sun.  If you’re exposed to the sun most of the time, you’ll want a sunblock that has AN SPF of 50 at least.
  2. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself often.  Not drinking enough water will have an effect on the look of your skin.  There’s no absolute need to purchase “vitamin water” or the other fancy products the market offers. Pure fresh and clean water is all your skin needs.  Save your cash for better things – like buying fresh ingredients for your homemade skin care preparations!
  3. Check your eating habits: are you eating fast food and sugary foods most of the time? If you are, know that bad eating habits can cause skin outbreaks, allergic reactions, and other skin eruptions.  If you can consume more fruits and vegetables, your skin will thank you because of the antioxidants and nutrients in fruits and veggies that will immediately start repairing the damage to your skin.
  4. Wash your face more frequently with lukewarm water, to make sure that your pores are not being clogged by dirt and your skin will remain pure throughout the day.  There is no need to use intoxicating cleansers if you wash your face regularly. A mild, cream-based cleanser will be adequate to ensure that your skin on your face will be glowing. If you have chapped lips or dry patches on your face, try applying a bit of fresh honey or aloe vera to those areas. Honey is a natural emollient, and also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It’s a hardworking natural skin care ingredient indeed!
  5. Do you smoke?  If so, you may want to meditate on the facts that link smoking to premature skin ageing. There is no way that you can sustain a skin care routine while taking in tobacco on a consistent basis. Tobacco smoke contains countless poisons that can wear down every organ in your body, including your skin.

Hopefully these few tips help if you’re not already implementing them in your routine.  You will immediately start to see improvements in your natural skin care journey!  To learn more about natural skin care, visit

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Jamberry Helps Nail Biters

Are you a nail-biter? Do you have trouble growing out your nails? Thanks to the Jamberry nail wraps from Missfliss many people have kicked the nail biting habit for good. Jamberry wraps help short nails look beautiful and best of all the Jamberry wraps from Australia make any nails look good.

By example, the Ohio county government officials swear by Jamberry wraps from Missfliss Australia.

Jamberry Helps Nail Biters

Ohio politicians needed to look good with fabulous nails on a strong nail bed.  Often they bite their nails and many have short nails.  Using Jamberry wraps from missfliss in Australia Ohio politicians were able to make their nails look and feel wonderful. Here is what one politician from Ohio government said.

I have short nails and I always bite my nails.  On one occasion I had to demonstrate to some media something using my fingers to point at a small detail. When I saw the news article my nails looked disgusting. All the commentators mentioned was my nail biting.  I then bought Jamberry nails from Missfliss Jamberry.

In Australia and they looked wonderful.   The wraps mean that I no longer bite my fingernails. The Jamberry wraps look good on short nails and stay on longer than nail polish.

The best feature about Jamberry nails from Australia is that there are so many designs to choose from and and last for weeks. They are also very affordable.  For example we checked a national professional nail services and a few local providers (no names mentioned) to get an idea of how Jamberry compares price wise. This is what was found . . .

On average salons charge anywhere from:

  • $30 to $60 for a manicure (buff, shape and colour);
  • $45 to $75 for a pedicure;
  • $50 to $100 for a set of acrylic nails.

How Jamberry Stacks Up:
One sheet of Jamberry nail wraps (ie one design) provides on average enough wraps to do 2 full manicures, 1-2 pedicures and nail accents. Not too shabby for the price of $22.00!!!!

Jamberry have a multitude of designs available and if you purchase 3 sheets, you get the 4th sheet for free. That is a total spend of $66.00 for 4 different Jamberry nail wrap designs from which you will get 8 full manicures; 4-8 pedicures and loads of accents to play with.

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Acne Scar Removal

Acne scars are one of the most emotional conditions our patients struggle with.  They are a constant reminder of previous acne and they often have a big effect on self-confidence.   But there are excellent treatment options for acne scars including surgical procedures, lasers and injections.


What types of Acne Scars do I have? Acne scars comes in all shapes, sizes and colors and there are treatments for every kind.  The most common types include red, brown and textured acne scars.

How are red acne scars treated? Red acne scars occur most often in light skinned individuals.  The healing process involves bringing very small capillaries to the area.  This result of the trauma is a pink or red area around the acne scar after it has healed.  For many patients, red acne scars will resolve on their own given a period of several weeks to several months.  If the scars do not resolve quickly enough or at all, there are several steps to speed the process.  Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Retin A and glycolic acid can all speed up the resolution of red acne scars.  In situations where the marks are deeper or more resistant to exfoliating products, lasers are an excellent choice.  A vascular laser like the Cynosure V-Beam or Candela V-star are both good pulsed dye laser options for redness and they are commonly used for red acne scars, Rosacea and red birthmarks.

How are brown acne scars treated? Brown acne scars are similar to red acne scars in that the brown spots develop during the healing process and after the acne goes away.  The difference is that red acne scars normally occur in lighter skin types and brown acne scars occur in darker skin types.  Topical products that use the medication hydroquinone are very effective at removing dark acne marks.  Depending on the strength of the hydroquinone, fading usually occurs over several weeks to several months.  Hydroquinone is available at 2% over the counter and with a prescription for 4% and above.  Our brown acne scar patients typically use 4% – 8% and need to use the medication for a period of approximately 1 month.  If the acne scars are more resistant or the patient does not want to use a prescription medication, then we will use q-switched lasers.  Q-switched lasers were originally designed for tattoo removal but at our practice, we use them for tattoos, sun spots, birthmarks, and all types of dark scars including dark acne marks.  Usually 1-3 visits are required and patients come in monthly for laser treatment.

How are textured or indented acne scars treated? There are many ways to treat textured acne scars and they include laser resurfacing, deep chemical peels, dermbrasion, microdermabrasion, dermal rollers, punch excision and subcision.  Because there are so many options for textured acne scars and so many types of textured acne scars, there is no “best” way to treat them.  We often treat acne scar patients with a combination of laser resurfacing and subcision and Restylane.  So even for the same patient, it’s possible that 2 or 3 treatments together may yield best results.  Light chemical peels and microdermabrasion have the least recovery time but also yield very limited results.  They can leave the skin feeling smoother for a short period of time.  Alternatively, deep TCA peels and fractional laser resurfacing may require 1-3 weeks to recover but generally these treatments yield much better results.

When choosing a practice to treat your textured acne scars, find one with multiple treatment options as well as good before and after photos that appear similar to your situation.

Kevin DiCerbo is the Director of Celibre Medical. He has been working side by side with Dr. Kaplan since 2004 and has managed Celibre Medical since its inception.He is a certified medical laser safety office (CMLSO) and uses his knowledge of laser physics to help patients understand laser treatments. He also oversees the day to day administrative activities at the two offices.He has a BS in Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from UCLA.

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The Numerous L Methylfolate Benefits

Numerous-L-MethylfolateThis article outlines the numerous benefits of L methylfolate which is especially important for pregnant women to be aware of.  Folic acid is considered the man-made form of folate. Folate is a B-vitamin that is generally found in some foods. It is required by the body to form healthy cells, especially red blood cells.  Folic acid supplements happen to come in different forms such as firstly, L-methylfolate, and also others in the form of levomefolate and methyltetrahydrofolate. These variations are needed in order to treat or prevent low folate levels. Low folate levels can lead to certain types of anemia. Conditions that can cause low folate levels are such factors as poor diet, pregnancy, alcoholism, liver disease, certain stomach/intestinal problems, kidney dialysis, among others. Women of childbearing age should take in enough amounts of folic acid either through their standard daily diet or via supplements in order to stop any potential infant spinal cord birth defects.

There are numerous benefits of L methylfolate. Such benefits are helping support normal healthy mood, cardio and nerve functions.  If you consider all that your body needs to go through on a daily basis so you can perform at your peak, it’s important to make sure that you are getting enough L-Methylfolate.  Furthermore, L-Methylfolate is important for normal production of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, and is essential for converting homocysteine to methionine. You are probably aware of the importance of serotonin and dopamine in your body.

Your body’s ability to create folate is very important as we alluded to earlier.  Furthermore, folate is important in regulating your homocysteine levels.  In medical terms, a normal homocysteine level should be less than 10, so be sure to consult with your physician in case the levels are breached.  Defects in folate can be conducive to elevated homocysteine levels. Elevated serum homocysteine levels have been linked with an increased risk of cerebrovascular disease, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, and venous thrombosis. In women that are expecting, pregnancy complications and an increased risk of fetal open neural tube defects have also been reported.

Depression is becoming more and more rampant nowadays.  L-Methylfolate acts as an important regulator of a critical co-factor for neurotransmitter synthesis. By boosting neurotransmitter synthesis L-methylfolate is able to augment the antidepressant actions of known antidepressants.

With regard to depression, folic acid deficiency may increase the risk of depression and reduce the action of antidepressants.  People with an inherited polymorphism that reduces the efficiency of folate formation may very prone to folate deficiency which in turn may lead to depression. Antidepressant effects have been noted when antidepressants are augmented with folic acid, or L-methylfolate, a more absorbable form of folic acid.

With regard to vascular disease, these polymorphisms can increase your risk of vascular disease and all the disorders listed above. Folic acid plays an essential role in the maintenance of gene stability.  More research evidence suggests that a deficiency of dietary folic acid may be a risk factor for several human diseases, including neonatal malformations, Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disorders and cancer.  In conclusion, it’s important to understand the benefits of L methylfolate so you can ensure that your body is getting enough especially for women who are pregnant.

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The Skin and Makeup Institute – Top Beauty School in Phoenix AZ

The Skin and Makeup Institute was founded by Tim and Jackie Bryant in 2000 in the state of Arizona.  It began as a specialty school featuring training in Manicuring and Esthetics.

Tim and Jackie Bryant were already established in the Cosmetology School business with a very successful Institute.  Because of their reputation in the industry it was not long before they were encourage by Cosmetology professionals to expand their training to hair, which they did in 2001.


Tim and Jackie Bryant are committed in preparing students to pass their state exams and to equip them with the knowledge that enables them to become successful in their chosen field.

Tim and Jackie Bryant make students a priority, the experienced instructors come from the industry and are dedicated teachers.  The programs taught provide training both in theory and practical skills.

The Skin and Makeup Institute lets students step into one of the most exciting, fastest growing, creative and potentially profitable professions available.

Your face makes your first impression. You can’t conceal it. People notice it. But if you have problem skin, you detract from your appearance.

Our mission is to provide optimum educational opportunities and guidance so that the students may formulate and achieve their professional and personal goals, as well as develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable students to become involved, contributing members in both social and professional communities. Students must complete over 600 hours of training and education and pass state board exams before they are licensed.

This Professional Make-up Artistry Diploma course will teach you the do and dont’s of the role whether you are working at a makeover studio or just applying your own makeup. This practical course will leave you confident to practice and carry out fresh day looks and smokey evening eyes on yourself and clients.

Cosmetics on the training days will include using top brands such as MAC and Christian Dior. You will be taught how to create various fashion, bridal, day and evening looks as well as techniques for color correction, shading and highlighting. This course is designed for beginners or anyone who would like to refresh their skills, the tutors are friendly and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Our beauty school Phoenix provides complete training in the art of professional makeup. Each day will take you through the stages of what products to use and how to use them effectively. You will discover the world of creative colors, lip shades and flawless finishes for all skin types lasting all day beautifully. The beauty industry is fast paced and always changing and improving.

False strip lashes are of the past and now it is essential to have the safe and beautiful look on your lashes enhancing, thickening and volumising the lashes without mascara only in one way…individual eyelash extensions….they can last up to 12 weeks and will knock money of buy mascara all the time.

This Diploma course will teach to the intricate method of individual lash application. Students will learn the theoretical aspects of the business and methods, followed by the hands on experience of carrying out a set and having a beautiful set put on during the training day.

This treatment can take up to two hours, the end result is amazing and clients will love your skills and their new ‘natural’ looking lashes. Learn in our warm and friendly environment and be confident with your new massage skills. You may train to start your own business, work in a salon or even from home, whatever your future plans are, this is the right course for you to start a new career.

This intensive massage course will allow you to get on to massage profession as well as carry out treatments correctly and safely for clients and work as a professional. This qualification will leave you confident and comprehensive of the body system.

Holistic which is also known as Swedish massage incorporates medium to firm strokes releasing tension, making space for relaxation and a sense of well being. You will learn massage techniques that allow you as a therapist to work professionally and safely.

This is a two days course which incorporates anatomy, physiology and massage techniques.

An assessment will also be carried out, throughout the day and an exam will be b taken by the student at the end of the day…. but dont worry we want you to pass, so we will do our best to support you.

On second day of the course, you will learn massage techniques that allow you as a therapist to work professionally and safely. Techniques will cover effleurage, stroking and gliding; kneading; rubbing and tapping. They’re designed to improve your circulation, soothe your muscles and make you more relaxed.

Setting up your own massage therapist business and how to market yourself is also an important factor so we will cover the strategies as to how you may gain business for yourself.

Facial Treatment
Learn the art of facials through the professional techniques of deep cleansing, applying masks and thai massages for the face, hand, arm and head throughout the training. Theory is covered throughout the morning, followed by practical work where you will practice on a student, and have a treatment carried out on yourself to understand how it feels for you.

Your tutor is close by and there to support you fully throughout your day and answer any questions you may have.

You will gain you a Diploma, which will allow you to insure yourself and work as a facial practioner.

Cosmetology Course
Cosmetology is the professional skill of beautifying the face, hair, and skin. A cosmetologist is someone who is in tune with the current trends and styles of hair and beauty. They are responsible for providing hair care and other services to enhance the appearance of their clientele.

Students receive skills necessary for gaining and maintaining employment in “today’s” salons. Instruction is provided in designing wearable art in haircutting, styling, skin care, facials, makeup application with massage, permanent waving, and chemical restructuring. Learning the technical skills of all nail art with a spa salon technique.

We are offering a complete course in Cosmetology, the art and science of beauty care of the skin, hair, scalp, and nails. It is more than just cutting hair, skin care, and nail care. Your creativity and knowledge of color and design can help make your clients feel and look their best with wearable art. Having fun and learning together what it is like to be a professional, with a great Pro-Image.

Esthetician Course
A qualified skin care specialist trained to administer beauty treatments for the skin. An Esthetician is a non-medical specialist in the area of skin care. This program provides training in skin care, facials, manicures and pedicures, and make-up application and techniques.

Estheticians are skin care specialists who enhance the skin beauty through the use of facials, massage, and makeup.

In this growing field you will become an expert in recommending care for many skin types, and determining the beautiful combinations of cosmetics, and application techniques. You, as an Esthetician student in skin care, will have a well rounded learning experience in practice of artistic and technical skills in our clinics. Say “yes,” I want to be a licensed professional in a fun industry.

Nail Tech Course
Nail technicians apply false nails and nail extensions, and may decorate them using a variety of techniques. A Nail Technician is someone who appreciates the essence of creativity in appearance and fashion trends. This program provides training in the health of skin and nails, manicuring, and the application of false nails or extensions.

This course combines our advanced concepts in a comprehensive curriculum. Manicuring, Pedicuring, Nail Design, Artistry and several Nail Extension Lines are used for instruction.

As a Manicurist / Nail Technician, you will master the manicuring, and pedicuring techniques, including nail enhancements and extensions. Designing and maintaining artistic nails, make you a valued member of any salon. As a student you will have fun learning the art and science of nails, creating wearable art, using a nail drill, and working with an air brush, becoming a professional.

If you are not interested in good essay topics , then you have already missed a lot.

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