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Natural Ways To Healthier, Vibrant Skin

Glowing-SkinEveryone is born with healthy and lively skin. But over time with sleep deficiencies, stress, UV rays exposure, poor diet, alcohol abuse, and smoking, etc., the largest organ in the body can become dry and dull.

The below listed guidelines may help you naturally get healthier and vibrant skin.

•        Eat a healthy and balanced diet full of antioxidant-rich foods, vegetables, fruits, fish, and broccoli to brighten the skin. Avoid high-sugar foods, processed foods, spicy foods, and alcoholic drinks. Drink lots of water to keep the skin and body hydrated. Even out the skin tone with high concentrations of vitamin C; it will also help protect the skin from the effects of UV rays.

•        Use facial cleansers containing natural ingredients to wash the face so as to prevent the skin from becoming dry. Do not wipe the skin with a towel but tap it dry. Apply moisturizers with natural components on a daily basis after the skin is tapped dry.

•        Boil some water and then add lime or chamomile to it for sensitive or dry skin; or natural herbs like peppermint, lemon, or thyme if you have oily skin. Now pour the mixture into a big bowl, partially cover the head with a towel, and then lower the face over the bowl so as to steam the face. This will open up the pores. Steaming should not be used to clear makeup, dirt, or dead cells from the face. After steaming, use a cool washcloth to close the pores and cool the skin.

•        Ensure that you gets sufficient sleep. It will help improve circulation and ensure that the skin remains bouncy. Also, take proper precautions to control and efficiently manage stress. Excess stress can not only affect the body, mind, and the quality of life, but also make the skin dull and lifeless.

Another option is to get professional help and enroll for the “Cleanse and Detox” program at PhuketFit, a wellness retreat.

•        The detoxification and cleanse program at PhuketFit is aimed at alleviation of both external and internal stressors which in turn helps the body to remove toxins and restore the emotional, physical and mental balance. Toxins generally buildup in the digestive system and other parts of the body due to pesticides in foods, inhalation of polluted air, an unhealthy modern lifestyle, and intake of chemically treated water. Such toxins need to be eliminated from the body to lengthen and improve the quality of life as well as make the skin more vibrant and healthier.

•        The program is customized and personalized to suit the needs and preferences of each individual guest at the resort after one-on-one consultations with certified and trained health, detox, and fitness professionals.

•        The program consists of varied natural detox options such as cleansing drinks made from natural herbs, cleansing herb formulas, natural dietary supplements, liver flush, yoga, fitness training, meditation, relaxation at the beach, traditional oil massages, herbal sauna, and lots more! All these not only cleanse the skin and the body of all the toxins, but also enriches the skin and adds life to it.

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How Do Skin Exfoliation Products Work?

Elruh_Body_Scrub_Exfoliation plays a key role in skin care. Its benefits include brighter looking skin, fewer wrinkles, and better penetration of creams and lotions. For best results, choose a quality exfoliate made with natural ingredients. The Elruh Green Tea Scrub is designed to maximize the natural power of Almond Oil, Green Tea and Sea Salt for keeping your skin young and healthy. Other ingredients like Peppermint Oil and Organic Sugar Cane used in their scrubs stimulate collagen production, and improve skin tone.

Key Ingredients in Skin Exfoliation Products
Before buying a facial or body scrub, do some comparison-shopping and check the labels carefully. Look for all natural products containing sea salt, brown sugar, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, jojoba beads, and natural fragrances. Each of these ingredients has unique benefits.

Body_Scrub_Green Tea powder stimulates new cell growth and revitalizes your skin. It also improves circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and helps in treating acne, eczema, varicose veins, and psoriasis. Green tea also reduces acne breakouts and minimizes the appearance of scars and blemishes. Sea salt, one of the most widely used ingredients in scrubs and bath salts, flushes out toxins from your skin. It also reduces inflammation, removes dead skin cells, and helps unclog pores.

Brown sugar is a natural exfoliant that moisturizes your skin and keeps it hydrated. Vitamin E minimizes fine lines, leaving your skin soft and supple. Sweet almond oil calms irritated skin, reduces blackheads, and cures acne. It also delays aging and makes your skin shine instantly. Jojoba beads will clean, renew, and rebalance your skin. This ingredient removes debris and dead cells while encouraging cell renewal.

What to Avoid
EdwinaNow that you know what to look for in a facial or body scrub, it’s time to learn what to avoid. Stay away from exfoliants and other cosmetics that contain parabens, phthalates, or PEGs. Those that are being advertised as a “micro-bead alternative” can irritate your skin. In general, it’s recommended to choose all natural products and avoid those tested on animals or made with chemical ingredients.

Other great ways to naturally improve your complexion include a full body Teatox, this is a great way to detoxify your upper and lower intestines which means that it doesn’t need to be pushed out through the pores in your skin. For more information on a great natural detox you can also visit Elruh Skinny Tea.

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How to Become a Personal Trainer

Do you want to be a personal trainer? Do you think you have what it takes, along with a strong enough desire to follow through on your dream? You are not alone, as the career choice of personal trainer has been gaining in popularity over the last few decades, and those who have chosen this path will share that it’s a fairly straightforward pursuit. Just wanting to become a personal trainer is not all that is necessary for such hopefuls. The field of personal trainers is populated by a group of dedicated people with specific skills that have been learned and developed under the guidelines and requirements of a professional education.

Personal Trainer

How to Know if You Have What it Takes
There are specific skills, tendencies, and motivation that pretty much apply to any career choice you might make. When it comes to the best candidates for becoming personal trainers, there are a number of personality traits that are necessary, in order to be successful. For instance, if you were an introverted person who is shy and retiring, you might do well in a field that doesn’t require you to engage so prominently with clients. The best traits that are necessary to be good at training others include a wealth of good communication skills, patience, good listening ability, the ability to easily motivate others and a good dose of empathy without losing drive. Obviously, you would need to have a genuine interest in health and fitness and promoting it.

Come as You Are
One nice element of having a career in the fitness training industry is that you really don’t have to be a bodybuilder or look like some kind of decked out fitness buff while you are learning the ropes. Of course, it’s always a good idea to practice living a healthy lifestyle, but your first objectives should be to understand everything you can about the process of training others, and then be able to win the trust of your clients. What you actually look like will pale in comparison, once you accomplish the other two.

Get Certified
There are numerous levels of personal trainer certifications to be obtained. Decide which one is best for you. Some certification sources actually include resources for the best training and a job guarantee within a reputable organization. And remember, with one certification under your belt, you can always add more, in time.

Create Your Business
Once you are certified, you can either look for personal trainer opportunities at an existing club, or you could advertise independently and begin your own private personal training business. There are numerous great opportunities, practically everywhere you look. Always prepare before you make a choice. There is so much info about thegolfessentials at

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the healthy eating tips

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Become A Certified Expert In Esthetic Skincare

Medical esthetic skincare has taken off over the last few years. Wouldn’t it be nice to become an expert consultant in this new field?


We now have numerous brands of medical skincare lines like Obagi Medical, Replenix, Melanopeel, Glytone, and so many others that bridge the line between skincare and strong pharmaceutical grade, heavy duty, result-oriented skincare.

To understand more about achieving great skin requires in-depth knowledge of how the skin works, product chemistry, and supporting clinical treatment procedures.

Esthetic skincare is a lucrative business for anyone with a passion for skincare and beauty. Being an expert in this field can open up so many career opportunities. This field encompasses knowledge of skin anatomy, physiology, cellular anatomy, acne treatments, microdermabrasions, decorative cosmetics, medical facials, anti-aging treatments, ethnic skin conditions, skin-typing, skin analysis, and so much more.

Aesthetic Skincare Training has put together 9 certification courses to help anyone interested in this rewarding field, with the most up-to-date information available.

Learn more about chemical peels, especially the newest and latest alpha-hydroxy acid, mandelic acid peel. Explore the science behind skincare and how advanced medical facials can reverse esthetic skin problems. See the technology of how products penetrate into the skin to produce their amazing effects. Discover how ancient Chinese medicine techniques have evolved into the beautiful art of medical microneedling and derma rolling. Even learn about the science of the hair and the importance of hair in esthetic skincare. Plus our courses incorporate bonus video learning material.

Our skincare training program offers 9 certification courses, including a Master Certificate course if you do all our educational modules. You will not get better value for money, with courses starting at only $75.00.

Chemical peels: Did you know that there are now newer and more options of chemical peels on the market? Mandelic acid peels such as Melanopeel’s Mandelic acid peel gel matrix can be safely used on any skin color, including darker ethnic skin? In our courses discover how this new alpha-hydroxy acid mandelic acid peel is nothing short of miraculous, and can be used to treat acne, skin discolorations, anti-aging, rough skin, uneven skintone, decrease wrinkles, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. In our courses you will learn exactly how cells react so that they can transform the skin from acne prone and rough, to clear and smooth. Also learn from us how to mix your peels, such as lactic acid, mandelic acid salicylic acid to produce unique cocktails that can be specially tailored for your clients.

Microneedling and derma rolling: Did you know this is not a new technology, but derived from ancient Chinese acupuncture techniques? Medical microneedling is a super effective hot new treatment guaranteed to get noticeable results in over 95% of clients. Using either a high quality laser-precision hand derma roller like Melanopeel’s Melanoroller derma roller, or a medical microneedling pen device such as the Melanopen are specially calibrated to be effective on every skin color, including dark skin. By producing new collagen and targeting specific cells within the skin, the ultra-fine microneedles will begin the production of new skin, significantly decrease acne breakouts, firm the skin, decrease wrinkles, and decrease skin discolorations.

how to stop razor bumps? KleenShave is a niche brand of world class shaving and skin care products for African Americans and others with sensitive skin.

Seeing some fine lines around your eyes? An Anti-Aging Mud Mask can help. Get the spa experience at home, and save money too!

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Ever Wondered What Makes Botox So Special? Learn More!

yourlife-botox-260612010If you’ve ever wondered about whether Botox injections are right for you, you’ve come to the right place. Botox one of the safest and most rewarding cosmetic procedures on the market today, but it’s important to know about it before you pursue your own treatment. Botox is statistically the most popular cosmetic procedure performed today – and it’s getting more popular with each passing year. Botox is your solution to looking and feeling better about yourself, helping you to achieve natural and beautiful results quickly and effectively.

This non-invasive procedure should be performed by registered nurses and physicians licensed to perform the procedure. It’s best to select a clinic with a proven track record of performing Botox injections that can boast a roster of satisfied customers and a large number of clinics in your area, like Toronto’s Skin Vitality, the most trusted professional skin clinic in Canada. The professionals at these clinics will ensure that your treatments are administered accurately, using techniques that make your experience comfortable and rewarding. Botox injections usually begin working within a few days after treatment and their effects can last for several months. Follow-up treatments can be done as needed or desired.

Botox can be used to treat a wide variety of concerns. The most common use is to counter unwanted and unsightly wrinkles. This procedure works on the face by blocking the nerves that contract facial muscles, thereby softening the appearance of wrinkles for a more natural, expressive look.

There are many other benefits of Botox that are worth considering. Recent studies have discovered that this treatment can be used to prevent headaches in people suffering from chronic migraines. It can also be used to correct strabismus (crossed eyes), diplopia (blurred vision), and blepharospasm (eyelid spasms) by relaxing the eye muscles so they aren’t working against one another, which allows damaged eye muscles to heal. Another beneficial use is to control an overactive bladder. Doctors can inject Botox directly into a patient’s bladder to help it increase in volume, thereby reducing incontinence.

Another beneficial use of Botox is the alleviation of joint pain in areas such as the shoulders, hips, or knees – again, the drug works by blocking the nerve signals in our bodies that can cause our muscles to contract. Sometimes the injections are given prior to surgery for skin cancer lesions to prevent the skin from pulling apart at the incision site. It can also be used to stop acne scars from growing. These are just some of the many beneficial uses of Botox injections.

There’s no such thing as a true “miracle drug” – but Botox is perhaps the closest thing we have to one in modern-day society. From helping patients with a wide range of medical issues to helping all kinds of men and women across the globe overcome the problem of wrinkles and aging skin, Botox is truly one of the most wonderful developments in today’s anti-aging market.

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