Natural Ways To Healthier, Vibrant Skin


Glowing-SkinEveryone is born with healthy and lively skin. But over time with sleep deficiencies, stress, UV rays exposure, poor diet, alcohol abuse, and smoking, etc., the largest organ in the body can become dry and dull.

The below listed guidelines may help you naturally get healthier and vibrant skin.

•        Eat a healthy and balanced diet full of antioxidant-rich foods, vegetables, fruits, fish, and broccoli to brighten the skin. Avoid high-sugar foods, processed foods, spicy foods, and alcoholic drinks. Drink lots of water to keep the skin and body hydrated. Even out the skin tone with high concentrations of vitamin C; it will also help protect the skin from the effects of UV rays.

•        Use facial cleansers containing natural ingredients to wash the face so as to prevent the skin from becoming dry. Do not wipe the skin with a towel but tap it dry. Apply moisturizers with natural components on a daily basis after the skin is tapped dry.

•        Boil some water and then add lime or chamomile to it for sensitive or dry skin; or natural herbs like peppermint, lemon, or thyme if you have oily skin. Now pour the mixture into a big bowl, partially cover the head with a towel, and then lower the face over the bowl so as to steam the face. This will open up the pores. Steaming should not be used to clear makeup, dirt, or dead cells from the face. After steaming, use a cool washcloth to close the pores and cool the skin.

•        Ensure that you gets sufficient sleep. It will help improve circulation and ensure that the skin remains bouncy. Also, take proper precautions to control and efficiently manage stress. Excess stress can not only affect the body, mind, and the quality of life, but also make the skin dull and lifeless.

Another option is to get professional help and enroll for the “Cleanse and Detox” program at PhuketFit, a wellness retreat.

•        The detoxification and cleanse program at PhuketFit is aimed at alleviation of both external and internal stressors which in turn helps the body to remove toxins and restore the emotional, physical and mental balance. Toxins generally buildup in the digestive system and other parts of the body due to pesticides in foods, inhalation of polluted air, an unhealthy modern lifestyle, and intake of chemically treated water. Such toxins need to be eliminated from the body to lengthen and improve the quality of life as well as make the skin more vibrant and healthier.

•        The program is customized and personalized to suit the needs and preferences of each individual guest at the resort after one-on-one consultations with certified and trained health, detox, and fitness professionals.

•        The program consists of varied natural detox options such as cleansing drinks made from natural herbs, cleansing herb formulas, natural dietary supplements, liver flush, yoga, fitness training, meditation, relaxation at the beach, traditional oil massages, herbal sauna, and lots more! All these not only cleanse the skin and the body of all the toxins, but also enriches the skin and adds life to it.

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