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Recent Health and Beauty Articles

6 Things You Need To Know About Breast Reconstruction

breast reconstructionIf you are considering having a breast reconstruction, it is important you know exactly what you are getting yourself into before undergoing the surgery. While there is lots of information abounds about the subject, here are some vital things you should know while preparing for your operation.

1.      Breast Implants Are Not Permanent.
Breast implants do not last a lifetime and require regular maintenance and eventual removal or replacement. The longer you have implants, the more likely you have to have them removed. This point can be a deal breaker for those on a tight budget and to those who don’t want to spend years maintaining their breasts.

2.      You Need To Undergo A Thorough Medical Evaluation.
No matter how common breast reconstruction is, any surgery can give complications, especially if you have unknown medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. So discuss your medical history and inform your surgeon about any breast abnormalities you have so that they can perform the operation with a better understanding of your body.

3.      Know About The Possible Complications And Adverse Outcomes.
Though complications are unlikely after a breast reconstruction surgery, remember that negative outcomes are still a possibility. Possible complications of a breast reconstruction surgery are dimpling, wrinkling and puckering along with possible pain, infection and scar tissue at incision site.

4.      An MRI Every Two Years
As silent ruptures of silicone gel-filled breast implants are quite common because of the implant’s gelatinous nature, you need to undergo an MRI three years after the initial surgery, and every two years after that. As MRIs are for cosmetic procedures, insurance providers do not usually cover its costs. You thus have to pay for the MRIs out of pocket, which can be expensive in the long run.

5.      Cup Size Is Not Important
Buying bras in cup sizes is an inaccurate measurement of your breasts, which is why you can wear a size 34 A bra from one brand and a 36B bra of another brand. If you communicate a breast size, it can mean various proportions and shapes, based on your body’s preference. So do not set your heart for a specific size. Instead, communicate the desired volume and look of your implants to your surgeon so that they have a better understanding of what you require.

6.      Be Ready For Anything
When you plan to undergo a breast reconstruction surgery, you tend to imagine having full and perky breasts after the surgery. However at times, this cannot be achieved only though implants. Your surgeon thus suggests additional breast lift of nipple surgery to get the right look. This means additional expenses, which you should be ready to accept as part of the breast reconstruction procedure.

With the help of this information, you are mentally prepared and more ready to undergo a breast reconstruction surgery.

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Benefits Of Coconut Oil

There are many skin products that claim to do wonders for your complexion, however, after many years of trying almost every brand under then sun, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no lotion more versatile than coconut oil.

Natural virgin coconut oils contain many nutrients and antioxidants that help treat a wide range of ailments and improve overall health, it can be taken internally to aid digestion and weight loss, reduce the risk of heart disease and improve the immune system, and it can be applied externally to help moisturize, replenish and repair damaged skin and hair.

Once I discovered exactly what coconut oil could do for me, I knew it was information that needed sharing with others, and what better way to do that than create my own product I can stand by proudly knowing what excellent results awaits its users.


Coconut Oil Has Many Proven Medicinal Benefits

Coconut oil can improve the metabolism and suppress the appetite, help regulate blood cholesterol levels and help burn fat, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays, and the presence of Lauric acid kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, whilst the high fatty acid content helps boost brain function and reduce the risk of seizures. It’s also one of the best natural moisturizers known to man and in addition the delightful scent makes it great to use for more applications as such as candles and massage lotions.

Anybody who prefers to use natural remedies knows that above all, the products should be 100% natural, however many commercially manufactured brands contain harmful chemicals and additives to prolong shelf life. Some sun screams even contain chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer, quite counter intuitive right?

Perfect, Natural Skin And Hair Care

Well, when it comes to skin and hair care products it doesn’t get better than natural cold pressed virgin coconut oil, and since we fully believe in preserving the environment, as well as the mind, body and soul, we’ve gone to great lengths to source only the best, organic ingredients to use in our products.

Our virgin coconut oil health and beauty items are so natural they should be good enough to eat! We do not recommend this now as we are currently waiting for FDA approval, which means whilst we believe they are already more than fit for human consumption, we’ll soon have the certification to prove it!

So if you’re looking to buy cold pressed coconut oil skin care products, and you not sure if your local supermarket brands meet the ‘organic’ criteria you’re supposed to be paying for, then head on over to and check out our range of products, lovingly made from only the finest natural ingredients.

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Best Cellulite Creams


Cellulite, the spongy, dimply, cottage cheese-looking skin that starts appearing on the thighs, hips and buttocks of girls at the onset of adolescence but refuses to go away, is a very common and highly embarrassing problem among many women.

What’s so unique about cellulite, is that it doesn’t discriminate. It can affect the thin, the overweight and even women with a perfect physique.

There are many cellulite creams and they very varied. Just like other products, there are cellulite creams that work and those that simply don’t. Today, the internet is awash with all manner of creams with almost every marketer purporting that their company offers the best solution. This has made the search for an effective anti cellulite cream taxing and tricky. Call it a paradox of plenty!

How to Identify a Cellulite Cream That Works
Many people will tell you that cellulite creams don’t work. I myself agree to a point, but not entirely because there are those that actually do seem to show visible improvements. There is a list on this page with the top three rated creams and some close runners up.

You should always look at the type of ingredients when deciding on a cream or similar treatment. A good anti cellulite product must contain ingredients with unique and proven properties which combat the underlying causes of cellulite.

A significant number of creams contain caffeine, ginseng and some antioxidants that are known for improving the skin texture and tone, but do very little to the underlying cause of cellulite. This is likely to get results in the short run but is a sure recipe for disappointment in the not-so distant future. Creams are applied topically. For this reason, there must be enough evidence to prove that the ingredients can penetrate the skin deep enough to reach the fat that causes the dimpled appearance.

Getting It Right
One ingredient that has a proven ability to penetrate the skin is retinol. It has unique properties that enable it to exfoliate the skin and increase collagen production which thickens the skin and hides the dimpling fat.

Since too much retinol dries out the skin, the correct portion must be used, and this is usually approved by the relevant accreditation authorities. Another important ingredient to consider is Dimethylaminoethanol, which is commonly known as DMAE. It is an oxidant derived from fish that penetrates the skin to combine with amino acids to stimulate the muscles to become firmer through contraction.

Before you use any cellulite product, ensure that it is accredited by relevant authorities. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK are some of the bodies mandated to license medication through rigorous clinical trials.

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Natural Skin Care


Today there is a huge demand for natural skin care products that help with everyday skin conditions and complaints such as acne, blackheads, oily or dry patches, rosacea, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, psoriasis, warts, or bags under the eyes.

These are the sort of complaints that can have a huge impact on your confidence and your quality of life, but that aren’t seen as particularly serious by members of the medical profession. When doctors do take your skin condition seriously, they’re likely to prescribe dangerous medication or toxic creams that won’t do much for your skin, but will have a negative impact on your overall health.

I first began to look at natural skin care products reviews when I realised the impact that artificial skin care products were having on my skin. Although they dried out my acne initially, they just seemed to irritate my skin, making it greasier than ever and emphasising my blocked pores. They also seemed to make my eczema flare up.

Then I became aware of the campaign for safe cosmetics, which promotes natural skin care products and tries to regulate what skincare manufacturers can put in their products. Currently many everyday skin care products contain petrochemicals and mineral oils among other things, which can be toxic for humans. Currently manufacturers aren’t obliged to assess the amount of these chemicals that end up in your body.

Do Natural Skin Care Products Work?
Many people think that natural skin care products will be less effective than artificial chemicals but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Because natural skin care products contain natural substances, they are able to incorporate up to 95% active ingredients, whereas artificial skin care products can usually only contain around 5% active ingredients in a non-active but potentially toxic base.

Natural skincare products are also very effective because they contain certain elements in their holistic state, such as:

  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Pure essential oils
  • Essential fatty acids

Natural skin care products won’t contain artificial fragrances which are particularly bad for causing eczema, dermatitis, rashes and hives.

Natural Skin Care Products Reviews
Over the coming weeks I’ll be adding a number of natural skin care products reviews to the site, featuring products such as peels and soaps that I’ve tried myself and achieved great results with.

The Natural Skin Care Products Reviews will take a look at who will benefit from each product, the kind of skin conditions they are suitable for, and how to use them, along with any possible initial side effects.

I would thank Namita for assisting me to write this article.

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Acne No More Review


Are you looking for the best and the easiest acne removal treatment? Having acne is a really bad situation, especially for those who are vain. There are several ways to treat your acne and one way of treating this is by applying some anti-bacterial cream, cleanser, and other dermatologically prescribed products. There is also a book called Acne No More by Mike Walden, who discusses the ways of prevention and cures for acne. In Acne No More Review, you will learn a lot of information about acne and its behavior.

Acne is a type of human skin disease. It is a condition that affects most people at one point or another in their lives. The acne affects the oil glands and hair glands. It mostly occurs during adolescence period and often continues up until the adulthood period. In adolescence, the acne is caused by a hormonal increase. Acne is also caused by dirt that is acquired from pollution such as air pollution.

About Program Author: Mike Walden
Mike Walden, a certified nutritionist and health consultant, wrote a book about acne. In his book, he discusses what actually acne is. The Acne No More Book contains several simple steps to follow in eliminating acne. When you read the Acne No More Review, you will learn that every simple step in eliminating acne included in the book is proven safe and effective.

There are several principles that are being tackled in the said book. These principles are based on Mike Walden’s observations. In Acne No More book, you will learn how to balance your hormones, something that is very essential. Balancing your hormones can help prevent whatever hormone irregularities you may encounter in the future. You will also learn that there are ways to permanently get rid of any blockage in your system which allows your main organs of elimination to handle hormonal irregularities.

There are also ways to build and strengthen your internal mechanism, which is in charge of blockage prevention as well as hormone regulation. When you complete all the simple ways in No More Acne book, you will definitely have an amazing result: clear skin without any acne. This book also discusses the things that you have to do to maintain the end result that you successfully have accomplished. This Acne No More Review is definitely a huge help for everyone who is suffering from acne and acne-related diseases. We certainly are happy with this product and give it a “thumbs up”.

Having acne may affect a person’s self-esteem. It can lead to scars and lesions and when it is located on an individual’s face, it will make the individual lose his self-confidence. There are studies that have been conducted which prove that acne can lead to a person’s anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, decreased self-esteem, embarrassment, anger, insecurity, and frustration.

Mike Walden’s Program Can Easily Cure Your Acne
Acne can be easily cured because the truth is that acne is just a natural phenomenon. Acne is natural when you are in the stage of adolescence, but when you starting to feel that it’s getting worse, you should seek for a consultation with an expert dermatologist immediately. The Acne No More system is suggested for everyone who is suffering from acne. It is very important to consult a dermatologist first before undergoing any treatment.

An expert in this field will help you and explain everything that you have to do regarding acne and other skin problems. Remember that prevention is better than cure, so it is also important to learn how to prevent acne. You can see a lot of Acne No More reviews and testimonials. Everyone who has tried this product is happy with the results.

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