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Understanding And Controlling Acne, The World’s Most Common Skin Disease


Healthy, good looking skin is everybody’s dream. Unfortunately, not all of us possess the celebrity or model like genes to look wrinkle/acne free all the time. But fear not. Understanding what causes acne, blackheads, wrinkles and other skin ailments will help your facial care to give you a young, vibrant face. Through common procedures such as applying lotion, cleaning, or even using portable skin care instruments that focuses on anti-aging and wrinkle removal such as the facial cleansing brush, can all help you achieve beautiful skin.


Acne is a common skin disease that occurs because the pores in your skin have been blocked up with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. The result of these blocked pores create painful lesions such as pimples and scaly red skin that is painful when touched and can result in permanent scarring. It has been one of the most widely hated skin disease that generally plagues the teenage population and is very wide spread with almost 80-90% coverage. In real world terms, this translates to about 60 million Americans who are suffering from active acne. People hate acne because it looks horrendous and affects many teenager’s self-esteem. To prevent acne, it is highly recommended for the patient to eat healthier foods, exercise daily and try to deal with stress. Having multiple cups of water also helps hydrate and acts as a cleansing system. For those where they are already suffering from a breakout, cosmetic procedures, over the counter pills and bottles will also help deal with the symptoms.

Blackheads are also caused by covered pores that is usually located around the nose. When skin pores are blocked and congested, the improperly shedding of dead skin cells causes excessive sebum (the oily substance that is used by the body to waterproof and lubricate skin) production. Due to the blockage, the oils can’t get up and results in forming a lump underneath the skin. At this stage, this is known as whiteheads. Blackheads occur when the whitehead is so large it pierces the surface of the skin and when sebum comes into contact with oxygen, it darkens. They are often seen as a form of acne and represents poor skin care treatment. To deal with this, one would need to exfoliate on a regular basis including using a specialized brush to scrub the area.

Although skin health is both annoying and tedious, we live in a technological world where technology have changed how we live our lives. As such, technology have also come to play in the facial care department. If you want to try something new to deal with acne, or aging skin, try the ultrasonic skin care equipment range. This is often used by salon professions to cleanse, tone, repair and increase blood flow of the skin. By using sound waves the ultrasound facial machine can penetrate deep into the skin dramatically increasing oxygen levels in cells and help remove waste. Thus it is a near perfect cure to treat skin ailments such as acne.


Once upon a time, these high-tech equipment can only be found in professional skin-care salons, now, anyone can buy them from vendors who sell good skin care equipment. If you want a pain-less, harmless way to achieve good skin health, you may want to try these portable beauty instruments today. You can visit for more information and an opportunity to browse through their wrinkle removing facial care selection.

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